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Five Active Ways to Advertise Your Blog with Coupons

Being innovative with your blog advertising isn’t as hard as it sounds. Sure, it’s possible to just share a post on social media and include a link in your email signature, but being as diverse as possible is how the big blogs get their readers.

Look at the new mattress company Zinus. They give readers a free Zinus discount code on their online ads, and the added incentive has led to their company’s recent exponential growth. Here are five ways to go beyond simply hitting the share button to increase click-throughs and turn your blog into a serious endeavor.

1. Start a Facebook Ad Campaign

It’s likely you’re already sharing your blog posts on Facebook (or if you’re just starting out, be sure not to skip this vital step). But by paying a little money, you can get more eyes on your blog by reaching an audience beyond your own social circle. Compared to traditional advertising, this can actually be very cheap and may help get lots of eyeballs on your content.

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Where to Get Coupons:

When you sign up with a new hosting plan, companies will usually give you a $50 or $100 voucher you can use for advertising. You can also use coupons to sign up for hosting in the first place, like this one for Hostgator:

2. Join Google AdWords

Similarly, by using the power of Google’s smart search algorithms, a Google AdWords campaign will help target the right audience for your blog posts. If you run a blog that posts cinema reviews for example, then someone searching for the latest releases will be more likely to click through to your site.

Where To Get Coupons:

The same advice applies: hosting companies tend to give out these vouchers. If you stop advertising for a while, Google (and Facebook) will send you vouchers to entice you to come back. You can also click here to view a site full of coupons.

3. Find a Buddy

It’s likely that you’ve come across a number of blogs during your research and browsing that you like. If they post on a similar topic to you, stop looking at them as a rival and offer to join forces for mutual benefit. You could write a promotional post about their content in exchange for them doing the same, perhaps agreeing on a set number of posts per year. Don’t be intimated, just find a blog on a similar level to you, whether a beginner or one with thousands of subscribers, and reach out with an offer. Be genuine and seek other bloggers you really admire.

4. Build an Email List

When someone comes to your site, you want to maximize the chances that they’ll come back. By offering a subscription to your email list, they’ll be updated every time you have a new post, and be far more likely to return. After all, with so much great content out there it can be easy to forget otherwise. Look at great email list tools including ListBuilder and plugins like SumoMe, which will help automate the process for you.

5. Post on Aggregate Sites

Reddit, as well as lesser-known but very good platforms such as Product Hunt and Triberr, are fantastic for directly targeting the right readers. By posting your content on these sites, you can filter through to the sub-communities related to your blog and start building traction that way. The upvoting nature of sites like Reddit mean that there’s often a snowball effect with popularity. So, if your content is interesting enough it could soon be reaching thousands of new fans.

Being passive will only get you so far in the blogosphere, so try these five active methods for building traffic today. By automating the process or increasing the power of sharing with other bloggers or ad platforms, this can often be far simpler than you’d think.