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Makeup Marketing: Using Facebook to Boost Your YouTube Channel

Beauty Tutorials Are Popular As Ever.

But how do you differentiate yourself from the crowd? Hair, make-up and lots more beauty-related tutorial videos are all over YouTube right now. And it’s not surprising: would you rather read a blog post about how to apply makeup, or would you rather someone described it while you can clearly see it being applied? YouTube was basically made for these types of videos (and cat videos).

But if you have a YouTube channel in this space, how do you differentiate yourself from the crowd?

Enter AllBeauty Discount Codes

One way YouTube influencers operate is to offer promo codes at the end of their videos. Did you like the make-up tutorial? Well, the make-up being offered can be had at a discount. offers makeup discounts in the U.K., for example. It’s a reward for watching all the way to the end of a video, and the influencer likely makes some money with an affiliate partnership with various beauty companies. Another way? The eerily powerful magic of Facebook’s reach.

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How to Drive Tremendous Brand Momentum Through Facebook:

You can reach a huge audience on the Facebook platform with your brand. The power of a Facebook page has been proven time and time again as new marketers reach the world stage through viral hits.

When you are at the earlier part of your social media journey, the idea of reaching millions of people seems impossible. It’s better to focus on a smaller idea like building some momentum. After all, the same momentum that takes you from 100 to 1,000 followers can continue to build towards 10,000 and beyond.

Great social media success could be within your grasp. This article will explain how to grow your momentum on Facebook.

Consistency is the Golden Rule:

If you want to see your audience grow at a fast rate, consistency is everything. You will need to maintain a consistent content schedule and never let it falter.

Even one missed post will have an immediate negative impact on your page’s momentum. The problem is that new followers will start to look forward to your posts, and when you miss a post, you let them down. This discourages exactly the kind of excitement that you want to create more of. 

By being consistent, all of your fans’ excitement will be rewarded. People will become even more excited about what you do, giving you more momentum.

Repeat What You Do:

You don’t need to come up with a brand new idea every single day. Instead, organize your content into campaigns that last a few months at a time. Each campaign can focus on different themes relating to your current projects and ideas.

The core niche should stay the same across each campaign. That way your fans will continue to identify with the main aspects of your brand while also enjoying the variety in the content. 

If the theme of a certain multi-month campaign falls flat early on, don’t “throw good money after bad.” In other words, don’t keep using content that is not working. Feel free to abandon a concept that is performing badly in favor of other ideas.

Help Your Fans Become Excited 

Excitement is contagious. If you approach your Facebook marketing strategy with the intent to give it your best effort, your fans will feel it. Even though you communicate to them through the internet, your own mind’s state will be apparent in the work.

Follow pages from a personal account and seek out the newest and most exciting brands. Cultivate an interest in your work so that you can bring that energy to your content every day.

If you put in the effort and stay optimistic about your marketing efforts, you will reach a larger audience. Over the months you’ll grow, slowly at first, and then quickly. Give it enough time and you will be amazed at how large your page can become.