5 Best Viral Videos of 2017

5 Best Viral Videos of 2018

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Social media is an excellent place for sharing your thoughts and ideas to the world and create a community and follower-ship. One such way is by content creation on video search engines like Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. Some people are even using these platforms as their permanent jobs. But some times a new comer uploads a video that just blows the internet, everybody in the school is talking about it, it’s the hot topic for that week. These are the viral hits that gain million of views in a matter of days, and bring new upcoming content creators to the limelight. Also, some of the established creators create a trend setter that becomes viral overnight. What do our winners get? A pair of headphones that are top for watching television!

Here are top 5 viral videos of 2017:

1. Water bottle flip Challenge: A water bottle, some water (of-course), a table (actually any flat surface would do), a camera and a bunch of people to cheer you up. That’s all you need to become an internet celeb. Like every other challenge on the internet, the pioneers of this is no other than Dude Perfect, one of the established youtube giants with over 20 millions subscribers. They did it and after that, an outburst of similar challenges followed. What made their effort special is the introduction of their trademark trick shot style, and performing almost impossible like tricks.

2. Fidget Spinner: When we were kids we were told that toys are for kids, but today’s you can throw that definition out of the window. People are performing tricks with it or spinning them to extreme speeds just for fun. This toy was first time introduced by another YouTuber, Unbox Therapy, with a subscriber base of 8 million plus he already had an audience but nobody knew that something this oddly satisfying would make the internet go crazy.

3. Mannequin Challenge: Yes 2017 is the year of challenges, and here’s another one. Nobody knew that watching people trying to stay motionless while they were filmed will be so frustratingly enjoying. The biggest hit of this challenge was done by ThatcherJoeVlogs, a youtube channel with over 3.5 million subscribers. The video is called “Ultimate Mannequin Challenge” and it truly is ultimate.

4. Sneezing baby Panda: How can you not like panda’s, the epitome of cuteness. And when a baby panda sneezes, you guessed it, its a viral video in the making. Watching a sneezing a panda was never so satisfying. If you decide to visit China, home of the sneezing pandas, make sure you check out Orbitz first for travel discounts.

5. Avocado Kid: First there was the kazoo kid, and now there’s the avocado kid. I think people like kids. A 6-second vine of a kid unwrapping his Christmas present is funny as hell.

Honorary Mention:
Despacito by Luis Fonsi Ft. Daddy Yankee – Yes, I had to feature this one. A Spanish song that almost no one understands but everyone loves has become the biggest hit of 2017 and has racked 2.6 billion views in just 6 months. It also has a sort of English version by Justin Bieber.

The 4 Weirdest Websites on the Internet

The 4 Weirdest Websites and Coupons on the Internet

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All of us are aware that the internet is zooming with loads of websites and more get added each minute. Did you ever wonder how many websites are really there? What are all the websites about? Why did someone pay a hosting company to create that website? Is it even legal to own a domain name that says that?

Yes, the thought is fascinating and if you start searching, you will find out that there are some amazingly weird websites out there. Like really weird. These might be the output of some twisted minds but will leave you amazed.

Here is a list of some of the weirdest of them all:

Exit mundi

Have you ever thought of an apocalypse? No, it is not about pessimistic thoughts in life but sometimes a time comes when everyone wonders what is going to be the end? You know that the world ended for the dinosaurs that flourished and inhabited earth for a long time, even more than we have been here. So, there is a chance it could end for us too. This website works on the weirdly wild imagination of the apocalypse which would wipe us from the planet. Focuses on showing innumerable scenarios of hope the end would look like.


It is really hilarious but bizarre how this website could actually help you vent out your emotions. All you need to do is open the page and press the no button popping out in the middle of the screen and you will hear exactly what you heart wants to scream out. A big nooooooo. This website can be your friend in times when you are really messed up in life. You got scolded at your office without a reason, your neighbor won’t stop peeping into your house, your favorite dress just got ruined with a glass of wine, etc. in all such times you can open this website and press the magic button.


If you have a child in you who loves the gift wrapping more than the gift itself because you get to pop up those bubble wraps, then this is the perfect website for you. It is weird but many people love doing this. So you need to bookmark this website and every time you feel like having a little fun, open it and start popping out those bubbles. The virtual bubbles can be snapped all day and they won’t finish. That’s the funny stress relieving activity you can start doing right now.

Eel slap

If you are getting bored then this freakish website can help you pass that extra time. It is so weird how on the website page you get to slap a man with eel hand. Seems funny? The fun doesn’t end because when you can move your cursor very fast and the speed with which the man will get slapped will definitely make you laugh out of your chair. These fun websites can really help you pass your free time. So get this one in your bookmarks and have fun.